Mirrors and Light

Peter Gower told the following story to his apprentices and craftsmen.

Once the Master of a lodge was using a mirror to illuminate a dark corner of the temple he was building. A traveling Master Mason remarked, “The nature of light is constant, and it is always and everywhere present. Why do you use that mirror, brother?”

The lodge Master replied: “Though you know the nature of light is constant, you do not know why it is always and everywhere present.”

The traveling Master Mason asked, “Why then is the light always and everywhere present?”

The lodge Master just kept working, and the traveling Master Mason bowed to him.

About this story Peter Gower said, “Being brought to light through true experience and communicating our mysteries through symbols and allegories are like this. Those who deny the need for mirrors because the nature of light is constant and because it is sensed without the use of a mirror understand neither the eternal presence of the light nor its nature. Because the nature of light is eternally present, the light of Masonry turns rough stones to polished gold bars and common tools to precious jewels.”