Peter Gower Brought to Light

Peter Gower was studying Masonry in Babylon. One night he came to the master and asked many questions. The master said: “The night is getting old. Why don’t you retire?”

So Peter Gower bowed and opened the screen to go out, observing: “It is very dark outside.”

The master offered him a lighted candle to find his way. Just as Peter Gower received it, the master blew it out. At that moment Peter Gower was brought to light.

“What have you attained?” asked the master.

“From now on,” said Peter Gower, “I will not doubt the master’s words.”

The next day the master told the other craftsmen and apprentices at his lecture: “I see one Mason among you. His teeth are like chisels, and his tongue is like a gavel. If you hit him hard with a setting maul, he will not even so much as look back at you. Someday he will travel to the farthest lands and carry the light of Masonry there.”

On that day, in front of the lodge, Peter Gower burned to ashes all of his notes on geometry and architecture. He said: “However abstruse the teachings are, in comparison with this light they are like a speck of dust in a great quarry. However profound the complicated knowledge of the world, compared to this light it is like one drop of water to the great ocean.” Then he left the lodge.