What Are You Saying?

In modern times, a great deal is made of finding old books,  and adhering to this ancient tradition, or that traditional custom. Naturally, Masonry is learned in one’s heart, and in the past, Master Masons often worked quietly and intentionally, and it was often not until they had passed on to the Celestial Temple that others truly understood their teachings.

The Past Master of a small lodge was on his deathbed, and called a Junior Warden into his chambers.

“I expect to be passing into the Celestial Lodge any time now, and you are the only one I think will be able to carry on our teachings,” he said. “Here is a book of all the rituals, traditions, and customs; I have even made some notes in the margins that you may follow them better. I’m passing it along to you because you will soon be the Maser of this lodge, and this will symbolize your successorship.”

The Junior Warden pushed the book back into the Past Master’s hands. “This book sounds as if it’s very important to you; perhaps you should hang on to it,” he said. “I received the teachings of a Master Mason a little bit at a time, from mouth to ear, and I am satisfied to have done so.”

“Yes, but even so,” replied the Past Master, “this book has been passed on from Master to Master for generations. Please take it.”

At that, the Junior Warden took the book from the Past Master’s hands and shoved it into the fireplace. He had no desire for such representations.

The Past Master, who had always been known for his patience, yelled “What are you doing?”

The Junior Warden shouted back at him “What are you saying?”