ZenMasonry is not my idea.

Back in the earlier days of the internet, somebody created a web site that hosted a hundred or so classical Zen koans and parables that were reworked with a perspective relevant to Freemasonry. I stumbled across it before I had joined the fraternity in 2001, and made frequent visits to that site, drawing inspiration and enjoying the gentle humor. When I began blogging at The Tao of Masonry, that website was one of my first links.

The original ZenMasonry was hosted on GeoCities, and the free web hosting was taken down in October 2009. I managed to salvage some of the pages from the Internet Archive, and from the text that I had saved on my own PC. The site itself has not been updated since 2005 or so, and many of the links on the Resources page were no longer extant, but I have reproduced the pages and the parables as I found them.

Unfortunately, I have not been able to contact the original site owner; while we had exchanged several emails over the years, every address that I have has bounced back undelivered.

I found ZenMasonry to be a fantastic resource, a fount of inspiration, and a subtle reminder of those Masonic ideals to which we should all aspire. I hope that the original author doesn’t mind my reposting his work, nor to my adding to them in some small way.