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The Blockhead King

The Blockhead King

Two Master Masons from Peter Gower’s lodge were called before a foreign king who wished to bring the light of Masonry to his country and himself.

Upon arriving, the first said to the king: “You are wise by nature and have an inborn ability to learn Masonry.”

“Nonsense,” said the other. “Why do you flatter this blockhead? He may be a king, but he doesn’t yet know anything of Masonry.”

So the king installed the second as his Grand Master.

Being Brought to Light

An apprentice asked Grand Master Hiram Abif what it means to be brought to light.

Hiram replied, “Before a person becomes a Mason, stones are stones and tools are tools. After being made a Mason, stones are no longer stones and tools no longer tools. But after being fully brought to light, stones are once again stones and tools are tools.”

The Best Piece of Stone

A craftsman was walking through a quarry when he overheard a conversation between the quarry master and a sculptor.

“Give me the best piece of stone you have,” said the sculptor.

“Everything in my quarry is the best,” replied the quarry master. “You cannot find here any piece of stone that is not the best.”

With these words the craftsman was brought to light.

Be Like a Thief

A new Entered Apprentice was asked by the lodge instructor: “What is Masonry?”

The EA dutifully replied: “A system of morals veiled in allegories and illustrated by symbols.”

The lodge instructor said, “So it is written, yet I admonish you to be like the greatest of thieves.”

The EA was puzzled: “What do you mean?”

The lodge instructor replied: “When a great thief enters a royal palace, he does not settle for the jewels left out in plain sight.”

Body of Reality

Body of Reality

A new Master Mason asked his lodge instructor, “Flesh, sinews and even bones rot away. What is the hard and fast body of reality?”

The instructor said, “The mountain flowers bloom like a tapestry. The valley streams sparkle like amethyst.”

The Blazing Star of Truth

The Blazing Star of Truth

One evening a new Entered Apprentice and a Senior Deacon were sitting outside their lodge just after a refreshing rain. In the lodge that evening the EA had been assisted by the Senior Deacon in studying the questions and answers of the first degree. As they enjoyed the beauty of the evening, the EA said, “Thank you for your time and attention, brother. This is why I came to the fraternity, to learn about the wisdom, strength and beauty of our Craft.”

The Senior Deacon responded, “It is an honor to serve you, but if you wish to learn about our Craft you must first awaken from your dream of its wisdom, strength, and beauty.”

EA: “I’m not sure I understand. What will I find if I awaken from this dream?”

SD: “The Blazing Star of Truth.”

EA: “Won’t these questions and answers help me find the Blazing Star of Truth?”

SD: “Maybe, maybe not. The questions and answers of Masonry are like a long and winding path leading to the top of a very tall mountain. Even if you reach the peak, you still will not be able to grasp the stars.”

EA: “Then how am I to grasp the Blazing Star of Truth?”

The Senior Deacon pointed down to a pool of rainwater. “What do you see in that pool?”

EA: “Oh! I see the stars reflected in it.”

SD: “Make yourself as clear and still as that pool and you will grasp the Blazing Star of Truth.”

EA: “And once I grasp the Blazing Star, what then?”

SD: “Wisdom, strength and beauty.”