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Curious Craftsman

Curious Craftsman

A Craftsman approached Hiram who was working on a particularly large stone with Chisel and Gavel. The Craftsman said, “Master Hiram, I have a question.”

Hiram set down his tools and looked up at the Craftsman.

“What is Masonic Light?” the Craftsman asked.

Hiram picked up his tools and began to work again.

“I do not understand. How may I come to the knowledge thereof?” continued the Craftsman.

Hiram once again set down his tools and the Craftsman was brought to Light.

The Celestial Temple

An old Master Mason in failing health asked the Chaplain of the lodge, “How does one enter the Celestial Temple?”

The Chaplain replied, “Dear brother, since when have you left it?”

Chalk, Charcoal & Clay

A Master Mason spoke to a group of four Entered Apprentices he was teaching: “You’ve been contemplating the chalk, charcoal and clay with which our ancient brethren served their masters. You understand that these represent certain attitudes or states of mind. What else do you understand?”

The first EA said: “That with charcoal we can ignite the Blazing Star of Truth.”

The MM replied: “Your apprenticeship is indeed fervent. How about someone else?”

The second EA said: “That chalk also alludes to the designs of the Master.”

The MM replied: “That is some crafty work. Someone else?”

The third EA said: “That we should make our minds like clay, soft and pliable by which to form vessels and molds.”

“Almost a masterpiece.” replied the MM, who then turned to the last EA and asked, “What can you add?”

The fourth EA said: “No substance. No heat. Not a trace.”

The MM smiled and nodded.