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A First Lesson

A First Lesson

A new apprentice approached Grand Master Hiram Abif: “Grand Master, I have just entered the Craft. Please teach me.”

Hiram asked, “Have you used your working tools?”

“I have.”

“Then you had better clean them.”

A Foundation Stone

Solomon, King of Israel and Grand Master of Masons, held a feast in honor of the alliance between himself and Hiram King of Tyre in an effort to build the Temple. During the feast, the workmen brought gifts to Grand Master Solomon.

The Master Masons brought in a finely detailed scale model of the Temple in its finished state. All agreed that the Masters were wise and skilled workers, fit to lead the construction that was soon to begin.

Then, the Fellows of the Craft brought in their work. They brought in two pillars; one plainly made, the other was wonderfully ornate, with the details of lily-work, network, pomegranates and other flourishes. Everyone gasped in wonder at the beauty of their work.

Finally, the Entered Apprentices brought in their work. It was a great stone ashlar. Each side was perfectly smooth. The corners were without flaw. The stone itself was without stain or mark. On seeing this stone, the Grand Master stood and proclaimed, “Upon this stone, I will build the greatest Temple ever constructed.”