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I Don’t Know

I Don’t Know

A craftsman asked Peter Gower, “What is the True Word?”

Peter Gower replied, “You tell me.”

The craftsman shrugged: “I don’t know.”

“Congratulations!” shouted Peter Gower.

Initiation of a Thief

One evening as a Master Mason was at prayer, a thief with a sharp sword entered, demanding his money or his life.

The master told him: “Do not disturb me. You can find the money in that bag.” Then he resumed his prayers.

A little while afterwards he stopped and called: “Don’t take it all. I need some to pay taxes with tomorrow.”

The intruder gathered up most of the money and started to leave. “You should thank a person when you receive a gift,” the master added. The man thanked him and made off.

A few days afterwards the fellow was caught and confessed to his crimes, including the theft from the Master Mason. When the master was called as a witness he said: “This man is no thief, at least as far as I am concerned. I gave him the money and he thanked me for it.”

After he had finished his prison term, the man went to the master and became his apprentice.



One day Adoniram came upon Grand Master Hiram Abif sitting in prayer outside the unfinished Sanctum Sanctorum of the Temple. Adoniram saw him and asked, “Master, why don’t you go inside?”

Hiram replied, “I do not see myself as outside.”

It is Built

It is Built

When King Solomon was inspecting the site of the Temple, his chief surveyor pointed to the ground with his finger and said, “Your majesty, this is the spot where the Sanctum Sanctorum shall stand.”

King Solomon took a blade of grass, stuck it in the ground and said, “It is built.”