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King Hiram’s Test

King Hiram’s Test

Before distributing their wages, King Hiram of Tyre addressed a lodge of Master Masons: “The True Word is not difficult, but it dislikes definition. Even if there is but a little talk, it is about definitions or it is about ineffableness. This old Mason is not within the ineffable. Do you value this teaching or not?”

A brother said to him, “If one is not within the ineffable, how can its value be judged?”

King Hiram said, “I don’t know either.”

The brother argued, “Brother, if you do not yet know, how is it that you say you are not within the ineffable?”

King Hiram said, “Your questioning is effective. You may collect your wages and go home.”

The Key to the True Word

When he became Chief Architect, Adoniram received the jewel that had belonged to Grand Master Hiram Abif.

A craftsman pursued the Chief Architect to take this great treasure away from him, thinking it was the key to the True Word. Adoniram placed the jewel on a stone in the road and told the craftsman: “This object just symbolizes the Craft. There is no use fighting over it. If you desire to take it, then take it now.”

When the craftsman went to move the jewel it was as heavy as a mountain. He could not budge it. Trembling for shame he said: “I came wanting the True Word, not the jewel. Please teach me.”

Adoniram said: “When you do not think true and when you do not think not-true, what have you found?’

At these words the craftsman was brought to light. Perspiration broke out all over his body. He cried and bowed, saying: “You have given me the secret words and meanings. Is there yet a deeper part of these mysteries?”

Adoniram replied: “What I have told you is no secret at all. When you realize the True Word then the light of Masonry belongs to you.”

The craftsman said: “I was under Grand Master Hiram Abif for many years but could not see the light until now. Through your teaching I find the source. A craftsman works in stone and knows himself whether it is hard or soft. May I call you my teacher?”

Adoniram replied: “We studied together under Grand Master Hiram Abif. Call him your teacher, but just treasure what you have attained.”
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