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One Single Question

One Single Question

One of Peter Gower’s craftsmen asked, “Master, you teach us to meditate on the symbols, allegories and myth of Masonry, your own mysterious aphorisms, and even upon silence itself. Is there one meditation that is truer than all others””

“Yes,” Peter Gower replied.

“Will you give it to us?” asked the craftsman.

Peter Gower said: “It is to make breathing, eating, working, resting, motion and repose, words, thoughts, feelings, good and evil, wealth and poverty, right and wrong, everything, into one single question.”

The craftsman asked: “What is that question?”

Peter Gower was silent.

Once in a Lifetime

There once was a Master Mason who was never known to smile until his last day on earth. When his time came to pass away he said to his students: “You have studied under me for more than ten years. Show me your real interpretation of Masonry. Whomever expresses this most clearly shall receive my tools and be my successor.”

Everyone watched the master’s severe face, but no one answered.

A craftsman who had been with his teacher for a long time, moved near the bedside and handed his master a cup of medicine. That was his answer to the command.

The master’s face became even more severe. “Is that all you understand?” he asked.

The craftsman reached out and took the cup back again.

A beautiful smile beamed on the master’s face for the first time in his life. “You dog!” he exclaimed. “You worked with me ten years and have not yet seen my whole body. Take the tools. They belong to you.”

Open Your Own Lodge!

Open Your Own Lodge!

A craftsman left his master’s lodge and went to visit Grand Master Hiram Abif in Tyre. Hiram asked: “What do you seek?”

“Light!” replied the craftsman.

“You have your own lodge. Why did you come here?” Hiram asked.

The craftsman replied: “I left my master’s lodge, so where is my lodge now?”

Hiram answered: “What you are asking is your lodge.”

The craftsman was brought to light. Ever since he has urged his brothers: “Open your own lodge and see the light!”

One-Hand Grip

One-Hand Grip

The first question Peter Gower often asked his new apprentices was, “What is the feel of a one-hand grip?”

The Original Form

The Original Form

Once while inspecting the work at a quarry, Grand Master Hiram Abif saw an apprentice working diligently to perfect an ashlar. Hiram approached him and asked if there was anything he needed.

“Light!” replied the apprentice with a grin.

In quick response Hiram asked, “What was the original form of your ashlar before this quarry was ever excavated?”