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Right and Wrong

Right & Wrong

When King Solomon lectured on wisdom, craftsmen from many parts of the kingdom would attend. At one of these lectures, a craftsman was caught stealing. The crime was reported to Solomon with the request that the offender be banished from the Craft. Solomon did nothing.

The craftsman was then caught stealing again, and Solomon still seemed to ignore the situation. The other craftsmen were furious, and they wrote a petition demanding that the thief to be banished, stating that otherwise they would withdraw from the Craft.

When Solomon had read the petition he called the lodge to order. “You brothers are wise,” he said. “You know the difference between right and wrong, but this poor brother apparently does not. Who will teach him if we do not? My ruling is that he remains even if all the rest of you leave.”

At those words, tears poured forth from the face of the brother who had stolen, washing away all his desires to steal.



Grand Master Hiram Abif once met a traveling Master Mason on the road to Joppa. The Master Mason asked of Grand Master Hiram Abif: “I am alone and poor. Will you give me relief?’

Hiram replied: “My brother, you have Masonry, the most valuable treasure in the world, and already have received three sets of working tools, and now you are saying that they have brought you no wages.”

Rule of Silence

Rule of Silence

Peter Gower greeted his new apprentices and told them that the first discipline he would impose upon them, effective immediately, was the rule of absolute silence. As he nodded and turned away, the first apprentice called, “Oh, Master. I can’t tell you how happy I am to receive your

Whereupon the second apprentice snarled, “You fool! Don’t you realize that by saying that you broke the rule of silence?”

Then the third apprentice threw up his hands and sighed, “Great Architect! Am I the only one around here who can follow orders?”

Rough, Dull and Dirty

King Solomon was presiding over a feast celebrating the laying of the
cornerstone of his Temple.

He arose and called to the Entered Apprentices asking, “What is great,
judicious and distinct in architecture?”

The Overseer of the Work answered: “A solid cornerstone. Smooth
ashlars. Properly laid out work.”

“What say the Fellow Crafts?” asked Solomon.

After deliberation, they answered: “Plumb walls, a level floor, square

“How about the Masters? Surely they know.” called Solomon once more.

The Chief Architect arose and answered: “Well-drawn plans. Correct
placement of the parts of the building. Appropriate decorations and

King Solomon then said, “It is good.”

He continued, “Master Hiram, you have been quiet. What is your

Hiram answered: “Rough stones. Dull tools. Dirty aprons.”